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Blue Ridge Inn

Blue Ridge Inn in Wrightwood, California

Address: 6060 Park Drive, Wrightwood, CA 92397
Phone: (760) 249-3440
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Information about the Blue Ridge Inn

The Blue Ridge Inn is a fine dining restaurant in Wrightwood, California. The cost of a dinner here is more than anywhere else in Wrightwood, but the food is definitely worth the cost. The Blue Ridge Inn offers a quiet, romantic setting in the dining area and an old fashioned bar to the front of the business. This is a great place to go on a date or bring your significant other, if you're trying to impress them. Reservations for the Blue Ridge Inn fill up quick on specific days like Valentine's Day, so make sure you make reservations well in advance. The bar inside of the Blue Ridge Inn usually doesn't stay open as late as the other bars in town, but the atmosphere is very authentic and dark. It is a nice place to relax after a day on the mountain, and again, this is the best place in town for a fine dining exerpience.

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